Ahead of its official opening, Apple offered local media a preview of the first Apple Retail Store in Belgium. Opening in Brussels, the store is also the first to be designed by Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive, working with retail chief Angela Ahrendts.

The store features a number of difference from other Apple retail locations. A massive display dominates one wall of the store, and is there not only to promote products, but also to be used for event held at the store. The store also features an installation of eight trees, which, as it turns out, are part of the Genius Bar experience.

From ANV (translated from Dutch):

The Genius Bar is unique and completely redesigned. In the middle of the Apple Store you can find eight trees where you can sit and where there are two large tables. That zone in the store serves as a Genius Bar for those who so need technical support. If Apple wants to create a feeling of cosiness and openness. So you wait on the benches among the trees to a Genius can help you further.

The store also has Apple Watch displays, though the watch is not yet available in Belgium. However, it will reportedly launch with the official opening of the store on Saturday, September 19.

Source: ANV, Apple Weetjes (both in Dutch)