Timothy Smith of California once loved his iPhone. You could see him wandering the streets of San Jose with his face glued to the phone's shiny black screen, tapping and pinching away, oblivious to everything around him like people crying out for help, oncoming traffic, lamp posts, etc. But that love affair ended over a week ago when Smith updated his unlocked iPhone to the infamous firmware update 1.1.1, rendering it iBricked. Since Apple refuses to support iPhones which have been "tampered with", Smith did what any self righteous American consumer would do... he called his attorney and filed a class action suit.

What makes this case even more interesting, and utterly hilarious, is that it seeks not only to collect damages from Apple for the bricking of iPhones, but also demands an end to the practice of carrier locking phones entirely. Nothing short of lightening bolts from the sky reigning down on AT&T will bring an end to that; it's part of life. Death - Taxes - and Carrier exclusive contracts.