UPDATE: Boy Genius has added screenshots (via ) that show and "social".

Boy Genius is back with more from the same iTunes 9 leaking source, this time with details on iTunes 9 social network integration and plans for an Apple "social app".

The Apple "social app" is rumored to be some kind of consolidator that would bring all your other social network services together (BGR says similar to Yahoo's OneConnect -- yeah, we don't use it either). Whether it's a desktop app, iPhone app, or both wasn't made clear.

It'll let you share what music you're listening to, connect with "friend's friends" (expand your network and meet new people?) and push status updates to your other networks.

Apple began integrating with Facebook and Flickr in iPhoto '09 demonstrated at Macworld 2009, but rather than simple data sharing or publishing, this sounds like Apple might actually be "getting" social media?

Lastly, the ability to organize iPhone apps in iTunes is said to include the ability to:

sort your applications alphabetically, by genre, date added, and of course, custom arrangement.

Speculation remains high that, if indeed Apple is set to release iTunes 9, it will be at the annual iTunes and iPod Music event in September alongside the new iPod touch, rumored to get a camera this time around.

(Video above is of Kevin Rose's iTunes 9 wish list from last year, b'okay?)