Yesterday's earnings report from Apple contained several nuggets of information sure to make any wall street jokey salivate. For starters the company posted yet another record breaking profit-heavy quarter - the folks in Cupertino are celebrating over that, I'm sure. Sales of iPods are flatlining. And over 270,000 iPhones were sold within the first 30 hours, starting on June 29. This throws a glass of iCe water in the face of AT&T's report disclosing that only 146,000 were activated over the weekend of iPhone's launch - news that put many analysts on anti-depressants.

A sell-through rate of 270,000 units in just 30 hours will likely cause Apple's competitors to shit themselves, but the sales beyond iPhone Mania weekend likely fall sharply as time passed and hype deflated. We'll have to wait for Apple to get one full quarter of iPhone sales under its belt before we know what its long term sales performance looks like.