As part of his talk at the D10 Conference today, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that while they'd sold nearly 3 million Apple TVs during their entire 2011 financial year, they'd already sold 3 million in the first two quarters of 2012 alone. That's double the rate of sales for last year so far, and we're not even in the traditionally strongest holiday quarter yet.

Likely spurring sales of the Apple TV is the new model released alongside the new iPad, which included an upgraded processor capable of displaying 1080p content.

While this sales volume and its associated revenue stream is trivial compared the behemoths like iPhone and iPad, which sell in the tens of millions, and make billions of dollars for Apple a quarter, Cook defended the Apple TV as being a great product. He did conceded that it's unusual for Apple not to give up on smaller, less successful ventures to refocus on larger, potentially more successful ones. However, due to the growth and to trends in the market in general, Cook continues to think there's legs to the Apple TV, even if they can't yet form a leg of their own for Apple's business.

Interviewer Walt Mossberg pushed Cook about the lack of content on Apple TV, and said Apple wasn't solving every living room problem yet. Cook agreed.

Cook wouldn't comment on whether or not Apple would go into original programming the way some other services have or might, but said Apple didn't have a problem acquiring content, though outside the U.S. it was more challenging.

Source: Macworld