Apple Buys Palo Alto Semiconductor (PA Semi)

We love it when a plan comes together. What plan? How'bout Apple buying super low-power fabless chip design firm Palo Alto Semiconductor (PA Semi) back on April 23, which Steve Jobs later said would make "system-on-chips" for the iPhone and iPod? How about PowerVR graphics cores reaching a mega-licensing deal with an unnamed company? (Which might just rhyme with Snapple...) And how about now, a Mr. Wei-han Lien, formerly of PA Semi, updating his Linked[In] profile to read: "Senior Manager Chip CPU Architect at Apple", and more specifically, "ARM CPU architecture team for iPhone"? (ARM having reportedly also reached a long term licensing deal with an unnamed company)

Put them all together, and what do we get? A scary hardcore look at what will drive the next (and/or next after next) iPhone v3. And according to Macrumors:

By developing its own ARM variant, Apple could create a processor that meets the specific needs of the iPhone and iPod, building support for functions such as the touch screen or scroll wheel into silicon and possibly savings on costs by reducing the number of processors needed in each device. In addition, Apple’ will be able to maintain tighter controls on who knows what about its future products by disposing of an outside chip supplier.

Wanna bet Steve calls them "screamers"? And Carmack claims PS2-class gaming?