Apple store

With the iPhone 6 retail launch now less than three days away, a reportedly leaked document shows what Apple Stores, and their employees, have planned to make sure the launch of the smartphone goes as smoothly as possible on Friday.

There will almost certainly be huge lines outside Apple Stores Friday morning (in fact, some lines began earlier this month). According to the retail document, as posted by 9to5Mac, Apple Store employees will begin to interact with the people in line as early as 5 am on Friday. The line will also be split in two; one for walk-in customers and the others who have ordered their iPhone 6 ahead of time with the company's new Personal Pickup feature.

The document also says that walk-in customers will be sent Reservation Pass numbers to their phones, via email or text message, but people who don't have their phones with them will get physical reservation cards. When Apple Stores open at 8 am in their respective time zones, the people in both lines will be paired with a store employee who will confirm their place in line, after which they will be taken to the Genius Bar to complete their iPhone 6 purchase.

If you are going to your local Apple Store to get your iPhone 6, how early do you plan to stand in line?

Source: 9to5Mac