Apple Store-within-a-Walmart: the future, or the end of days?

There have been Apple Stores inside Best Buy -- and their subsidiary, Future Shop in Canada -- for a long time now, but Walmart? I haven't been to Walmart in years, but last time I did the only store-within-a-store they had there was a McDonalds. Well, times change, Apple Retail just keeps growing and growing, and it looks like Walmart is their next growth-vector.

Reader Jesse Martinez sent along these images from the Walmart Superstore in Rogers, Arkansas. Jesse says he was told by the Apple rep that this particular Apple Store-within-a-Walmart-store was a prototype and the first one in the country. Even though the Apple Stores proper are phenomenally successful, and Apple keeps adding more all the time, they just don't have locations in all the same places as Best Buy (recent closures notwithstanding) or Walmart. The stores-within-a-store help them project at least a little of the Apple experience to many more potential customers.

So is the the future, where Apple Stores-within-a-store armed with knowledgeable Apple reps-within-those-stores start popping up in more and more megastores? There aren't competing HP, Samsung, Dell, HTC, or Google retail stores, and there aren't competing HP, Samsung, Dell, HTC, or Google stores-within-a-store at Best Buy, never mind Walmart. Does this give Apple a significant advantage, or simply risk overextending their brand?

Source: @jmartinez301, thanks Jesse!

Apple Store Inside Walmart, Rogers, Arkansas