Apple struggles to forge relationships with advertisers; keeps tight hold on consumer data

Apple is having a hard time courting advertisers for its iAd program, with buyers seeing them as too slow and unwilling to build relationships in ways that advertisers prefer. Despite the desire of media buyers to work with them, Apple continues to trail companies like Google and Facebook in advertising revenue. Both of those companies are more open with advertisers about consumer data. But even though Apple sits upon a treasure trove of names, location data, purchases histories, and much, much more, they dole it out only in small amounts, much to the frustration of marketers, according to Ad Age:

Apple knows names and addresses, geographic locations and app and music-purchase histories, and can show ad buyers that a group with specific characteristics also likes certain types of apps or music. However, its user tracking and ad targeting are not cookie-based, meaning agencies can't do automated buys via their cookie-centric trading desks, which allow them to mesh lots of data from different sources. Instead, they have to go to Apple, ask to reach a given audience and, well, trust Apple that it will deliver it.

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Source: Ad Age