Apple support site gains problem-based approach to offer more relevant service options

Under the direction of SVP of retail Angela Ahrendts, it looks like Apple is trying to simplify the path to AppleCare support via its online system and its retail chain. In the past, there was a separation on Apple's panel for users to choose between phone, chat, or forums-based support where the Genius Bar located in retail stores was given a separate system. The new system would unify everything so users don't have to choose up-front which AppleCare method they would want to use to resolve their issues.

Now, when there is a problem with an Apple product, the unified system begins by asking customers to detail the issue first. Certain issues could be diagnosed online, and if it's an iPhone issue then the support page could even ask you to type in your mobile number to pull up diagnostic information straight from your phone. By starting with the problem, Apple is able to offer customers more relevant support options.

Apple will then give users the various support options to choose from, including Genius Bar support and in-store option. The options available will depend on the issue. For example, if it's an email issue, an in-store option may not display as it may not be relevant.

If this is chosen, then a map would populate given customers options to the nearest Apple or authorized support center. Next, a customer would choose their appointment times.

Source: Apple Support via 9to5 Mac

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