Apple's new senior vice president of retail, John Browett, gave his quarterly address to Apple Store employees last night. While normally routine and not exactly newsy, it follows a series of staffing and PR gaffs that have raised concerns about Browett's role and Apple's devotion to its experience-over-profit model. Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac scored a recording of the address.

"It's all about our people and their delivery of that service. When I'll be watching people resolving problems in the family room, or selling people their very first Apple device, it's all done with such a great sense of service and purpose. It's just fantastic."

Apple Retail is one of the crown jewels of Apple. It's also a huge advantage over competitors who lack retail presence and can't or won't provide the same level of service. Being able to get help buying, using, trouble-shooting, and exchanging product is key to the Apple experience. Hopefully the rough spots are over and Apple is "doubling down" on what's important.

Like Steve Jobs was so fond of saying -- take care of the top line and the bottom line can take care of itself.

You can read the full transcript, or listen to the audio, via the link below.

Source: 9to5Mac