Siri Wavelengh

Come iOS 8, you might soon be able to ask your iPhone what song is playing and get an answer. Apple is reportedly prepping an update to Siri that will enable music identification. Instead of rolling their own music ID software and library, however, Apple is doing as they've done with many Siri features and partnering with an existing force in the space — in this case, music ID powerhouse Shazam.

The report by Bloomberg indicates that the song ID feature will be built in as part of iOS, likely as part of the iOS 8 update which is expected to be previewed in June at WWDC 2014. The integration with Siri will be such that you'll be able to ask "what song is playing?" (or something along those lines) and the device will promptly listen for music and query Shazam's database for a match. If a result's found, you can bet there will be a link to download it from the iTunes Store.

Additionally, Bloomberg reports that Apple is preparing to expand iTunes Radio beyond its current US borders, something that competitor Pandora hasn't been able to do thanks to licensing restrictions. Apple is also said to be weighing pulling iTunes Radio out as a separate app instead of its current position integrated within the Music app. iTunes Radio has come under pressure from music labels disappointed that the streaming service has failed to stem the tide of declining music sales in the face of streaming competition. Apple is said to be considering offering complete albums for sale in advance of wide release in exchange for not permitting individual track sales until that wider release hits.

There's little doubt that iOS 8 won't include new features and tweaks to Siri, iTunes Radio, and the rest of iOS — what do you want to see improved?

Source: Bloomberg