Apple teams with developers to donate app proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund

Apple has teamed with a number of developers to help the environment in the form of donations to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). From now until April 24, select purchases made through the App Store, including in-app purchases in participating apps, will see 100% of the proceeds go to the fund.

Participating apps including VSCO Cam, Procreate, Enlight, and Angry Birds 2. These apps and more have created special photo filters, effects, brushes, and levels as part of the effort. The WWF is also offering an in-app purchase from its own app, WWF Together, as part of the promotion, with the group getting all of the proceeds from the sale of the Earth story.

Here are the apps participating in this initiative:

In addition to this new app initiative, Apple is also launched a revamped Environmental microsite. It details the company's more recent environmental and recycling efforts, including its renewable energy programs and Liam, its iPhone-disassembling robot, which helps minimize waste from old iPhones.

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