Textexpander for iOS is something many of us use and rely upon on a daily basis, but while it runs perfectly easily on the Mac, due to the app sandboxing on iOS things are a little trickier to work out. Apple is now putting its foot down, and stopping Textexpander's use of Reminders to share snippets. Greg Scown of Smile Software:

Yesterday, after a period of engagement with the App Review Team from Apple, they informed us that TextExpander's use of Reminders for shared snippet data storage is not an intended use of Reminders and will no longer be accepted. TextExpander touch will not clear review until this is resolved. Apps which implement the current TextExpander touch SDK may not clear review until their TextExpander touch SDK is updated.

So the implications also stretch beyond just the Textexpander application, but to any other applications making use of the SDK. With no inter-app communication possible, workarounds need to be found, and it seems there is a solution in the pipeline.

Our only alternative appears to be providing TextExpander data via x-callback-url. User action will be required to acquire and update snippet data. Each app will have its own copy of the TextExpander data, which will not sync automatically with user updates made in the TextExpander touch app. It's not ideal, but it is within the App Store Review Guidelines. It also means users won't lose TextExpander touch support in your app.

The changes should be made by November 25, at which point Smile is hoping that the new way will be cleared by Apple for release through the App Store. For those of us that use it, Textexpander is an essential daily tool, so here's hoping all goes well.

Source: Smile Software