New Apple Time Capsules to cache iOS software updates?

9to5Mac is hearing that new Time Capsules -- the Airport Extreme and hard drive in one -- are on the way that might just be smart enough to download and cache iOS (and Mac) software updates for you, so they're waiting when you're ready.

What we do know is that Apple has been internally testing Time Capsules to cache Software Updates for both Mac and iOS devices. The way we’ve heard it works is that the new Time Capsule learns which devices connect to it via Wifi. It then goes out to Apple’s servers and downloads Software Updates for those products.

When the user wants to install the software update, the Time Capsule, which is also the router, routes you to the locally stored update, rather than downloading the whole thing over the Internet. This works for iOS updates as well, though the updating still happened via the Mac.

And perhaps vice versa, uploading Time Machine backups to the [iCloud](/tag/icloud] servers Apple will be announcing at WWDC 2011 this Monday.

Of course, not everyone may be fond of downloads happening in the background and potentially slowing connection speeds in the foreground while you're trying to stream video, play online games, or otherwise need your pipes at their fastest potential.

Either way, it looks like Apple has lots in store for us, and soon.