Engadget brings the news: there will be an Apple event next week, on October 14th. Obviously, based on the invitation above (which we didn't receive, sniffle), the focus is going to be on notebooks. Presumably there will be a new form factor or two to talk about here based on Apple's rumored "Brick" manufacturing technique, where they carve the case out of a single block of aluminum.

The only possible iPhone angles we're seeing here:

  1. Steve comes clean about when we'll see background notifications during a tiny aside about the iPhone
  2. The rumors of a Glass Touchpad with iPhone-esque multi-touch and even an iPhone-like secondary display down there may be true
  3. Tethering becomes allowed? Pretty Please?

We're putting the above 3 possibilities in the "One More Thing" category -- which is to say we haven't really seen a real "One More Thing" moment from his Steveness in awhile now and have pretty much given up hope of seeing one at this event, but we haven't given it up entirely.