Apple touts U.S. job creation-through-innovation on new web page

Apple has placed a new page on their website with a lot of big numbers focused on how they're creating jobs in the U.S. in important and innovative ways.

Throughout our history, Apple has created entirely new products — and entirely new industries — by focusing on innovation. As a result, we’ve created or supported more than 500,000 jobs for U.S. workers: from the engineer who helped invent the iPad to the delivery person who brings it to your door.

  • 304,000 current jobs ranging from engineering to manufacturing to transportation

  • 50 states with full-time Apple employees

  • 210,000 iOS app economy jobs

Apple has been in the headlines a lot lately due to working conditions in Chinese factories, with part of the debate centering around why U.S. companies can't manufacture on U.S. soil. Apple isn't entering into that debate with this page -- they're trying to change it.

Including the impact of the App Store not only bolsters the numbers, it shows the impact a company can have beyond their own walls.

Whether or not any of this draws fire away from the China issue, we'll have to see, but once again Apple is offering up data while their competitors stay silent and try to hide behind Apple's massive media gravity well.