Apple TV (2010) doesn't seem to be getting as traditional or coordinated a release as most iOS devices, but some media outlets have gotten their geeky little hands on the all new a little early and shared their impressions... and their videos.

Follow on after the break for the early word on triumphs and tragedies.

Clayton Morris of Fox News thinks Apple may have a "quiet hit" on their hands:

The new Apple TV is very promising, but it won't amount to hill of beans if Apple markets it the same way they did the last one -- basically not at all. Apple can jokingly call it a 'hobby,' but if the company wants it to be a successful hobby they need to educate consumers the same way they did with the iPad.

Tim Gideon of PCMag says it's feature-driven and streamlined:

The new, miniature Apple TV costs less than most iPods. Sure, the rental limitations can be irksome, but, particularly for iOS device owners, the new features dramatically outweigh the letdowns. Because of its affordability, ease-of-use, and impressive capabilities, the Apple TV gets our Editors' Choice award. If more networks were onboard the 99-cent rental bandwagon at launch, it would have received an even-higher rating. Fingers crossed the TV selection will improve over time.

Joshua Topolsky of Engadget thinks AirPlay could be a game-changing component of the Apple TV:


So, much like the original Apple TV, it's promising but held back by the myopia of Hollywood and second-class citizen status at Apple?

As more reviews go online, we'll add to the list and we'll be back sometime this weekend with our own TiPb review.