More Apple TV 3 rumors, dual-core iPad reduxes

Once again, rumors are circulating about an Apple TV 3 update to accompany the new iPad 3/iPad HD. Adding yet more weight to previous reports, The Verge's Josh Topolsky says the new Apple TV will indeed be 1080p, and what's more:

According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple will update both the new Apple TV and the iPad 3 (or iPad HD, a name we first unearthed last year) not with the rumored, quad-core A6 system-on-a-chip, but rather the A5X, a dual-core SoC said to have a more powerful GPU. From what we're hearing, it's basically an A5 on steroids.

Our source was adamant that neither of the new products would be receiving the next generation chip — rather, that Apple seems to be waiting for the launch of the iPhone 5 to introduce the rumored A6.

iMore, and others including Daring Fireball's John Gruber, have heard the iPad 3 will be quad-core, and 9to5Mac has found code strings for both the A5X and A6 in iOS. Apple could have the different chips in different models, or could have decided to stick with dual core for battery reasons. We'll find out tomorrow.

Topolsky also paints a complex radio picture:

two distinct, separate versions of the LTE tablet ([one for AT&T, one for Verizon]). In addition, there's a third international model which does double duty on 3G; a CDMA / GSM model using a similar radio chipset to the iPhone 4S (a Qualcomm Gobi chip).

That would be two 4G LTE models for the U.S. (that could fall back on 3G), a 3G model for international markets (no LTE outside the U.S.), as well as the usual Wi-Fi only model.

Whether or not either of the

Source: The Verge