Apple TV accounts for 56 percent of streaming boxes sold last year

The Apple TV made up 56% of the market for streaming devices in 2012. Other devices in this category include Roku, which was in second with 21.5%, and TiVo, at 6.5%. Game consoles like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 were not included. Analyst Dan Rayburn for Frost & Sullivan, which published, attributes the Apple TV's success to AirPlay. From Frost

Apple TV’s AirPlay feature was strategically crafted to simplify the process of transferring laptop and tablet displays to a TV screen, and it is AirPlaying – not [Over-the-top] streaming – that is the primary reason for purchase of Apple TV devices.

AirPlay is a unique feature of the Apple TV, and competitors are having a difficult time bringing similar utility to their own streaming boxes. MiraCast, employed by a number of other vendors, hasn't caught on, and seems to be more trouble to use than not. Apple hasn't been slowing down on content either, making deals with different providers for the Apple TV, most recently adding HBO Go and WatchESPN, to the lineup among others. There are reports that Time Warner Cable may soon be offering content for the Apple TV as well.

Is your Apple TV mostly used for AirPlay, or do you use it for the services it offers?

Source: Frost & Sullivan,, via GigaOM