Apple TV will be adding several new apps to its set-top box today, along with a revamp of its YouTube app that will include a new design and several additional features.

According to Re/code, Apple TV will add a Dailymotion app, allowing owners to access the streaming videos from that service. It will also add support for the Fusion service with what it says is "a unique mix of smart and irreverent original reporting, lifestyle and comedic content." Yet another app is The Scene, which offers content from a number of Condé Nast media outlets. Finally, there's UFC.TV, which lets Apple TV users access content from the mixed martial arts league, along with access to its Fight Pass subscription service for $10 a month.

The YouTube revamp includes a new design that should make it easier for Apple TV owners to find their favorite viral videos. Re/code also reports that the new version will run with ads enabled. It added

It also (probably) means that Google's team doesn't think Apple is planning a significant overhaul of Apple TV anytime soon, since it (probably) wouldn't spend the time on an app refresh if it thought the device was going to change radically in the near future.

Source: Re/code