Apple TV Siri

During Apple's press event in San Francisco, the company announced that its Siri personal assistant will be added to its new Apple TV set-top box.

Siri can be used to search via voice for movies and TV shows on iTunes, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Showtime, with more services to be added over time. Siri has been designed to understand when a user says, "Show me family movies, animated only", or "Comedies with Jason Bateman", or even, "Show that Modern Family episode with Edward Norton". The demo showed that Sir jumped right to that episode's listing in Apple TV.

Siri can also allow users to skip ahead several minutes in a movie or TV show. It can also skip back 15 seconds with temporary captions when someone says, "What did he/she say?". Apple TV owners can ask Siri who is in a movie while that film is running. It can also get more information like sports scores and weather and overlay it when a movie is running. It also allows users to wipe up for more info while pausing a movie.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover Apple's latest press event and its announcements.

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