Apple TV adds A&E, History Channel, Lifetime

Apple TV users in the United States have three new channels to get content from today: A&E, History and Lifetime have been added to the more than 40 other channels available on the Apple TV.

Each channel contains popular programming from each cable television channel, including clips and full episodes of TV shows. Programs like Bates Motel and Duck Dynasty are available from A&E, while History has programming from both the History Channel and H2, like Vikings, Pawn Stars and Ancient Aliens. Lifetime's available programs include Dance Moms, Preachers' Daughters and Devious Maids.

Like many cable and satellite channels that offer content through the Apple TV, the three A+E Networks-owned channels that activated today require you to log in to an activation page on a web site, verifying your cable or satellite TV provider to gain access. As the channels launched, only DirecTV, Optimum and Verizon FIOS were supported.

Are basic cable channels like A&E, History and Lifetime important for you to have on your Apple TV, or are you looking for something different? Sound off in the comments.