Apple TV adds PBS and PBS Kids to universal search results

The list of services that now support universal search on the Apple TV has gotten a little bigger thanks to PBS. When searching for programs using Siri on the Apple TV, you might now have the option to view the program in the PBS or PBS Kids apps. For instance, if you search for a PBS program like American Experience, you'll get options to view in in both iTunes and in the PBS apps.

The Apple TV launched in October with universal search support for five services: iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime. When viewing the landing page for a particular program or movie, the Apple TV will show you if it's on multiple services. Additionally, search tends to prioritize the service on which the content is available at no extra cost.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said prior to the launch of the Apple TV that the company would eventually let third-party developers integrate the search API into their own apps. While that hasn't happened yet, it's good to see that the search continues to expand.

Via: Apple Insider