Apple TV adds Watch ABC and Disney apps to universal search

The number of services that support universal search on the new Apple TV is now a bit larger, thanks to the addition of Watch ABC, Disney Channel, Disney Jr. and Disney XD. With the addition of these services, Apple TV users can now quickly find out whether a particular show is available to stream through one of the newly added apps when performing a voice search. For example, you could do a universal search for a show like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the results will now offer options to watch in the Watch ABC app in addition to Netflix, iTunes and others.

When the new Apple TV launched in late 2015, it initially support universal search for iTunes, Netflix, HBO and Showtime. Earlier this month, Fox Now,, FXNow and Nat Geo were added to that list. PBS and PBS Kids were also added in early January.

Those in the U.S. should now be able to view the latest additions in their search results. However, those outside of the U.S. are restricted to fewer services.

Via: MacRumors