Apple TV

As long as there's someone to ask the question, someone will ask the question about Apple TV "Apple TV". Or the Apple TV. Or both. That's exactly what's gone down at the Code Conference where Apple's Eddy Cue had plenty of good to say about the company's little black box, and plenty of bad to say about the general TV experience. From Re/code:

Cue: Apple TV has taken off. 20 million sold. It's a billion dollar a year business. Bigger this year. We're adding more content. "It's doing great."

"The reason there's so much interest in TV in general is that "The TV experience sucks… all we have today is glorified DVRs".

Cue also reiterated that TV is a hard problem to solve – no doubts the content providers erect enough barriers to that on their own – and that solving the problems is complicated because there are so many different fingers in the pie. Apple TV is going to continue to evolve, but we also got the usual Apple avoidance when asked about specifics relating to hardware and services. We wouldn't expect anything less.

One thing seems clear, and that's that Apple's "hobby" has certainly eclipsed that staus. The numbers don't come close to matching up with the iPhone and iPad yet but a cool billion a year – and growing – is nothing to be sniggered at. The question though, is what's next?

What would you love to be next in line for Apple TV?

Source: Re/code