Using a publicly released version of the Apple TV iOS 4.1 firmware, the Dev-Team has decrypted its keys, the first step necessary to a Jailbreak, which could very well be on its way. That's less than 24 hours after the iPod Touch 4G fell victim to the same SHAtter exploit.

UPDATE #1: It’s looking like SHAtter is going to be the gift that keeps on giving. Even though the new AppleTV isn’t yet in people’s homes, the firmware is available on Apple’s normal public distribution servers and SHAtter has been used to decrypt its keys!

Cydia apps? 1080p output? At this point anything seems possible.

A way to control the UI absent finger-on-screen multitouch would still have to be worked out for standard iOS apps to function, but getting Hulu, PC to AppleTV streaming for video formats like DIVx and MKV, and Mobile freakin' Safari up there would all be excellent starting points.

Does the idea of a Jailbroken Apple TV make it more appealing to anyone? And what would you want to see running on it?

[Dev Team]

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