Last week Apple not only released iOS 7 for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, but also Apple TV Software 6.0 for the Apple TV. For some people it went smoothly, those in the U.S. got iTunes Radio support, and those everywhere got support for Shared Photo Streams, and an AirPlay update that lets you play your content on other people's Apple TV's. For others, it was ruinous, bricked their Apple TV's and forced a generation completely unfamiliar with the process to find or buy a Micro-USB cable and connect to iTunes on their Windows or Mac PC and restore that way. Now the update appears to have been pulled.

There's been no official word from Apple, but in our tests and quick polling of our readers, Software Update on the Apple TV currently shows Apple TV 5.3 as the current version and states no updates are available. (Apple TV still has odd versions, with Apple TV Software 5.x matching iOS 6 and Apple TV Software 6.x matching iOS 7.)

For anyone familiar with the Apple TV jailbreak scene, connecting to iTunes is old hat and likely more annoying than anything else. For the vast majority of people who've never had to do anything more than push a button to update in the past, a bricked Apple TV is likely disastrous.

If you haven't updated yet, wait and hopefully a safer version of the Apple TV Software 6.0 update returns soon. If you tried updating already and had problems, we'll post a set of instructions for restoring over USB with iTunes.

In the meantime, tell us what's going on with your Apple TV - updated and good to go, stuck in bricked hell, or still waiting and watching?