Apple TV v Fire TV

We're lucky to be blessed with so many good options when it comes to streaming online media. The space recently got a little more crowded with Amazon introducing its first effort, the Fire TV. And, while we're naturally fans of the Apple TV in these parts, the fact we're spoiled for choice is nothing but good. More choice also means that we're more likely to find one that meets our own specific needs. So which would you choose? And why?

None of the four we're looking at here are particularly expensive, but in a straight up cost fight Chromecast has the edge over the other options. The Fire TV has gaming on its side, but the Chromecast has an open SDK for Android and iOS developers to hook their mobile apps into to get content on the TV. Roku has a massive selection of content available and the Apple TV has AirPlay which is potentially important for iPhone and iPad owners.

So while there's a bundle of choice, there's also the difficulty in making it. It's not so easy just to go into a store and pick one up on impulse, there's real thought to be put into it. So, which would you choose, and why? Maybe something else entirely? Drop a vote in the poll up and sound off in the comments below!