9to5 Mac has uncovered an interesting feature of iOS 5 beta 3 for the Apple TV. The previously unused Bluetooth chip appears to have been activated. It looks like Bluetooth support is aimed at integrating a keyboard into your setup, rather than anything more exciting. The new Bluetooth feature can be found in the normal settings menu, enabling you to pair a keyboard with the usual passcode setup process.

So what could this mean for the future of the Apple TV? Well at the very least we could see the Safari web browser making an appearance. Thinking a bit further outside the box and it all becomes a little more interesting. How about game controllers, similar to the iControlPad that we saw earlier today. Of course you would then need to be able to install apps and games on your Apple TV... See where we are going here?

Apps have always been strongly rumored to form part of the Apple TV’s future. Maybe we will have to wait for the next update of the Apple TV hardware for them to appear. The wait shouldn't be too long as it's already strongly rumored to be updated in the fall with 1080p playback and the dual core A5 processor. Either way this could be a very exciting development. Of course, we must remember that features disappear from beta software all the time, but let’s enjoy the possibility just for a moment!

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