The Phone Calls walkthrough goes through the different options you have for dealing with, well, phone calls on the wearable. When a call comes in, for example, users can mute the call by covering the face of the watch with their hand, or scroll up with the digital crown to access options to send a message or send the call to their iPhone. Of course, all of this is in addition to options to decline or answer an incoming phone call.

Navigating music and maps on the Apple Watch looks to be a fairly simple affair. With the music app, users can select from artists, albums, playlists, and songs by scrolling through the list with a digital crown. For getting music onto the watch, users head to the Apple Watch app on their connected iPhone where they can select from playlists to sync with the watch. Similarly, maps are easily accessible through glances, tapping addresses, and of course, opening the Maps app. Siri also features prominently in the videos, providing access to the typical search queries and options we've become accustomed to – just on a smaller screen.

There are still three videos for Apple Pay, Activity, and Workout, that Apple is still teasing as "coming soon." Of course, like the previous videos, these are only available on Apple's website right now, but they should make their way to YouTube in short order. If you'd like to check them out for yourself, you can do so via the source link below.

Update: As expected, Apple has since uploaded the videos to YouTube and we've embedded them below.

Source: Apple

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