Apple updates iTunes Connect with new content descriptions, territory restrictions, Brazilian game rankings

Apple has made some updates to iTunes Connect, the backend that lets developers manage their apps, that seem to address several long standing pain points. Among them, there's a new "unrestricted web access" description that might help apps with built-in browsers from presenting as adult/porn apps to the unfamiliar, and compliance with Brazil's games rating system, which has caused a lot of frustration for everyone over the years. Here's the full list of updates:

New App Content Descriptions

You can now use the following descriptions: Medical/Treatment Information, Gambling and Contests, and Unrestricted Web Access (for apps that permit navigating and viewing web pages, for example with an embedded browser).

Update to Territory-Specific Restrictions Based on Rating

Territory-specific restrictions in the Korea, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia App Stores have changed. You can see the current rating and territory restrictions for your apps in Manage Your Apps on iTunes Connect.

New Rating System for the Brazil App Store

The Brazil App Store now issues a Brazil-specific rating for games to ensure compliance with local regulations. The Brazil-specific rating is automatically generated from your existing content description on iTunes Connect and will appear next to the existing rating information displayed on your app's page in the App Store.

The information was sent out via email to developers. If you're a developer, let me know — how do the changes affect you?