Apple urges Arizona to veto anti-gay bill as it readies to open facility in Mesa

Last week a bill passed in Arizona that would give businesses the legal right to refuse service to customers based on their sexual orientation. Many companies, including Apple, are now speaking out against the bill and urging Governor Brewer to veto it. Their argument? It's not only legalized discrimination but bad for the Arizona economy. NBC News

Apple spokeswoman Kristin Hueget confirmed Monday that the company had reached out to Brewer and urged a veto.

Apple is currently readying its sapphire glass facility for production in Mesa, Arizona which is rumored to begin production on components for the iPhone 6 as well as an iWatch.

Apple and a slew of big-name firms issued letters and made phone calls to Brewer on Monday telling her the state would take a financial hit if the law passed, according to CNBC.

The CEO of Marriott spoke out on his concerns for Arizona's hospitality and tourism industry due to the impending legislation:

This measure "would have profound negative impacts on the hospitality industry on the Arizona and on the state's overall economic climate for years to come," the hotel chain said in a statement.

Apple's sapphire plant alone will create around 2,000 jobs for Arizona residents. Tim Cook has been known to speak up on behalf of gay rights in the past. His urging for a veto probably doesn't come as any surprise but it'll be interesting how this legislation, if passed, will affect Apple's relationship with Arizona. Aside from the factory, there are six different Apple retail locations across the state as well.

Source: NBC News

Updated: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Wednesday evening vetoed the bill, according to CNN. She called the bill "broadly worded" and said it could have unintended consequences.