Apple is intervening in the sale of RadioShack, filing a motion to prevent the sale of some customer data to bidders for RadioShack's assets. While the company doesn't object to the sale in general, they are hoping to block the sale of the personal data of customers who purchased Apple products from RadioShack stores. Apparently selling that data would violate Apple's reseller agreement with RadioShack, according to Law360:

Apple Inc. told the Delaware bankruptcy court in a limited objection that including Apple customer data can't be included in RadioShack's attempt to sell off certain intellectual property since that data isn't part of the bankruptcy estate. Selling Apple customer data would violate the tech giant's privacy policy and its reseller agreement with Radioshack, Apple said. The company asked the court to keep its customer data out of the package of trademarks and other assets that will be up for grabs on May 11 if it attracts more than two bids.

Apple is joining AT&T and other companies in objecting to the sale of customer data pertaining to their products. RadioShacks data assets include millions of physical addresses, email addresses, and more.

The filings from these companies come after the bidding for RadioShack has closed, with the highest bid coming from hedge fund Standard General at $26.2 million.

Source: Law360, via: AppleInsider