John Zilles wiped out one his hydrofoil equipped kiteboard while way offshore and in an area where a great white shark nursery had recently been discovered. After first attempting the at least two-hour swim back to shore and not getting very far for his troubles, Zilles went to check the time on his new Apple Watch Series 3 and remembered — he had an LTE radio right on his wrist.

From the Daily Mail:

'I realized I had my watch - so called the Ventura Harbor Patrol, explained my situation and asked for help.'

Officers sent a boat, and asked him to call back when he saw it.

'15 mins later I spotted the boat - by had to call them as it was going to wrong way,' he explained. 'So I called and asked it to turn 90 degrees and go 400 yards forward - and they found me straightaway.'

No, he didn't think he'd need a bigger watch. And yes, that was one bad kiteboard, Harry. But enough Jaws jokes. Zilles says being constantly connected is one of the reasons he bought the Apple Watch Series 3.

'My wife was giving me a hard time, for buying more technology, but I leave my phone at home a lot now - I think it's freeing us from the addiction of phones.

Zilles was so impressed he wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook to tell his story, and says he got a 'short but sweet' reply from Cook, saying 'wow. happy to hear you are safe.'

Apple Watch: 1, Killer sharks: 0.