Apple Watch has long been praised for how its accessibility features help a wide variety of people live better lives. This weekend we got another example of how the various features come together to aid in independence, mobility, and functionality.

Lady Usher, writing for the Molly Watt Trust:

My cane and my guide dog are brilliant for awareness and mobility. I wouldn't be without either of these things, but they don't solve the whole gamut of other stresses that deafblind people face.

Now enter, centre stage - The AppleWatch!

This little unassuming piece of tech has already made my life as a deafblind person much easier, but what has really blown my mind is the potential that it offers deafblind people for more relaxed, equal lives.

I was kindly given my AppleWatch by the Molly Watt Trust who are on a mission to improve the lives of those with Usher Syndrome, by providing them with accessible technology. Molly Watt, who is also deafblind due to Usher Syndrome, was an early and enthusiastic exponent of the AppleWatch.

The entire review is an amazing read and really makes it clear just how important technology is for the accessibility community.