App Store for Apple Watch is live!

Just in time to fill the software needs of brand new Apple Watch owners, the Apple Watch App Store has launched! Because Apple Watch apps are really extensions of iPhone Apps, the Apple Watch App Store isn't on-device but rather contained in a tab in the Apple Watch for iPhone app.

UPDATE: Many people are seeing a pre-production App Store page right now. That should change, and the real multipage App Store — the kind you're used to — should show up as it continues to propagate across Apple's servers.

It looks great, with well laid out sections. All the categories you expect are there, as are screenshots of the apps. The big difference, of course, are the round icons that fill the Apple Watch home screen's carousel.

There are featured sections where, if you know what kind of app you want, you can quickly and easily see the best and most popular choices as well.

This is Apple's first App Store launch since the Mac App Store, and only the second one ever to accompany a new device launch. It's obvious they've learned a lot about introducing new apps to new people for new products, and it shows.

We've got a growing list of Apple Store for Apple Watch apps for you as well, so when you get your Apple Watch, dive in!