Man credits Apple Watch with saving his life from a heart attack

A Canadian man is claiming that his Apple Watch saved his life, after it recorded a shockingly-high heart rate that led to him calling an ambulance. Dennis Anselmo of Alberta was building a fence when he began feeling terrible, like he was coming down with a flu. When he checked his Apple Watch, Anselmo discovered that his heart rate, normally around 50 beats per minute, had shot up to 210. He called paramedics who took him to a hospital for treatment.

From The Sun:

"They came out, figured out I was having a heart attack and I was off to hospital. They cleared the blockages so I didn't have another attack. They told me that if I had gone home and gone to bed - as many people do - I would likely have had another, more serious bout in the middle of the night. Those second attacks are the ones that kill. That is a common problem."

Anselmo, who is a watch collector, says that his other watches haven't seen the light of day since the incident.

This isn't the first time the Apple Watch has helped out someone with heart trouble. Last year a man was able to shorten his hospital stay thanks to the continuous amount of heart rate data captured by his Apple Watch.

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