Over on his DC Rainmaker blog, Ray Maker documents his process of subjecting the Apple Watch to a number of tests designed to guage the wearable's water resistance. So how did Apple's wrist-worn gadget fare? Pretty well.

Maker ran three tests on the watch in all. The first test saw the Apple Watch still functioning after an intense 20-minute, 1000 meter swim in the pool. As Maker notes, one of the main concerns in this test is the impact on the watch as it hits the water—something he takes even further in his second test: a jump off of the high dive platform. In all, Maker made two jumps off of a 5-meter platform, on one more from 10-meters. Similar to the first test, the Apple Watch continued functioning afterward.

For his final test, Maker placed the Apple Watch in a waterproofing test chamber to simulate water pressure of varying depths. Despite only being rated for one meter of submersion, the Apple Watch held up and continued working after a simulated dive of 40 meters.

Given Maker's tests, it's interesting that the watch was given an IPX7 rating, limiting submersion to one meter. We're not suggesting you take your Apple Watch on a trip to the sea floor for your next diving excursion, but Maker's findings are interesting nonetheless. If you'd like to read the blog post in full, and check out some videos of the tests, you can head over to DC Rainmaker from the source link below.

Source: DC Rainmaker

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