Apple Watch landing page updated with more detailed feature sections

While the arrival date of the Apple Watch is still very much a mystery, it looks like Apple is at least willing to give us a few more peeks at the device. The company quietly updated the Apple Watch landing page today, and it now goes more in-depth on the various features of the device.

Under the "Learn About Apple Watch" section, there are now links to pages detailing the various different features and technology at work in Apple's highly anticipated wearable. The additions break down the previous, more general "Features" list into three separate categories that include: "Timekeeping," "New Ways to Connect," and "Health & Fitness."

Each of the sections includes expanded descriptions of the various watch faces and apps that will ship with the device, as well as some interactive animations for the watch's health and fitness features.

In addition, the "Timekeeping" page lists some utilities referred to as "complications," which are details that can display on certain watch faces such as alarms, weather information, calendar, and moon phases.

The new sections give a good rundown on what we can expect out of Apple's latest offering, but the page is short on any earth-shattering new information. Still, it's an interesting primer for what we can expect out of the Apple Watch, and the interactive animations in the "Health & Fitness" section are pretty cool.

Source: Apple

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