The Apple Watch was on display at the restaurant Carlo e Camilla in Milan, Italy, inside glass-covered tables like those found in Apple Retail Stores. Fair attendees could only look at the watches, but not handle them. From Macitynet (translated from Italian):

The three collections of the Apple Watch are still right here under our nose, combined with different straps and well protected by a glass plate. For the moment we can only watch them, it is not yet time to feel it on our wrist and touch the new Force Touch display.

Phil Schiller, Apple's head of marketing, and Marc Newson, a designer who now works closely with Jony Ive, were both at the event.

While the Apple Watch will be officially launching in a number of countries on April 24, Italy is not among them, and not even pre-orders are available. It's probable that Italy will be among the second-wave launch countries, as has happened with other product launches in the past.

Source: Macitynet, via: MacRumors

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