Two great products that work even better together—Apple Pay and Apple Watch. That's according to a new survey that pegs U.S. and U.K. usage of Apple's mobile payment service by owners of the company's watch at 80%, with 42% saying it's convenient and 51% going so far as to say it's 'magical'. From Wristly's report:

All in all, our research suggests Apple Pay on the Watch is a delightful experience and it therefore seems fair to extrapolate from its early usage patterns that adoption will continue to be strong.

Also, looks like any merchants that haven't already gotten on board with Apple Pay should strongly consider doing so:

62% of our panelists report a preference for doing business with merchants due at least in part to that store's decision to support Apple Pay. Should the Watch continue to become a more mainstream device, this new behavior will most likely create further marketing pressure on those retailers holding back.

Wristly goes so far as to say 86% of Apple Pay users actively seek the contactless payment and Apple Pay branding when checking out at retail, and 81% make a point to use it when and where available. 96% said they wanted to use Apple Pay more.

We've previously covered how Apple Pay has come to the rescue when credit cards have been compromised, and how Apple Watch makes Apple Pay more accessible.

The ability to tap a button twice and tap your watch once is by far the most convenient shopping experience I've ever had, and I've had tap to pay credit cards and high NFC availability in my area for years. It may seem silly, but not even having to reach into your pocket or purse for your iPhone or wallet just makes everything faster.

It'll be interesting to see how even those high numbers rise when store and loyalty cards hit Apple Watch and iPhone with watchOS 2 and iOS 9 this fall, and as Apple Pay continues to roll out across banks, retailers, and regions.