Analyst Ben Bajarin has had an Apple Watch since early April but last week he took it off, put to away, and spent a week without it. His goal was to find out how important the Watch had really become to him. And since he's an analyst, he didn't just keep note of his feelings. He kept data. From Techpinions:

Apple Watch is a modern day convenience and should be understood as such. It is a convenience in the same way a dishwasher or washer/dryer or a microwave is. None of the items are absolutely necessary, yet so many of their owners can't imagine life without one. This is what my week without the Apple Watch taught me. Of course I can get by without it but, given the number of conveniences I've been able to quantify in the flow of my daily life, I can no longer imagine life without it.

I'm with Ben. I spent a weekend without my Apple Watch a couple of weeks ago just to see, and it was only when I ended up repeatedly staring at my wrist did I notice how often I'd been glancing during the day. Add to that the notifications, health and fitness, remote control, and other aspects, and it's been more than convenient—it's been transformative. So much so, I can't wait for watchOS 2 this fall.

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