Apple Watch owners love checking the weather

According to a new survey, Apple Watch owners really love checking the weather. In Wristly's latest survey, weather app Dark Sky proved the most popular app among the 1,300 respondents.

Dark Sky remains the crowd favorite with almost twice as many votes as the second placed App. Overcast and Fantastical have been jockeying for the #2 spot, and this time around Overcast takes that honor! Worth noting is that "Weather App" is by far the most frequently cited category with others including AccuWeather, CarrotWeather and WeatherChannel being frequently cited too.

The Apple Watch does not yet appear to be catching on as a consumption device, with even music and podcasts only being listened to by a minority of respondents.

Listening a bit to music and the odd podcast is the only activity that shows any regular usage for a representative segment of the panel. Almost 30% of you listen to music on a weekly basis and about 16% to podcasts. For the rest of the us, the Watch isn't used much, if at all, for music, photos or other video type content.

Wristly's survey also has some new numbers for Apple Music, just over one month before the first set of free trials end. Of the 71% of panelists that have started a trial for the service, 55% say they plan to purchase a subscription. Only 10% said that they would not, while 35% said they weren't sure.

It'll be interesting to see which apps are popular once native apps and third-party complications enter the scene when watchOS 2 launches this fall.

You can check out more of the survey results at the link below.

Source: Wristly