As we inch ever closer to "Early 2015," Jason Snell of Six Colors has compiled an excellent FAQ on all things Apple Watch: estimated prices, battery life, versions, how it works, and more. It's so good that I'm rather jealous I didn't get to write it first.

Six Colors, on their FAQ:

This time next year, we'll probably all be wondering how we got by without our Apple Watches, but here and now there's still plenty that we don't know about the device Cupertino wants to put on your wrist. The crack Six Colors team (Jason Snell and Dan Moren) has assembled the sum total of human knowledge about Apple's wearable device, or at least a reasonable facsimile. We'll keep this document updated as more information is revealed.

We have lots of our own stuff on the Apple Watch here at iMore, but if you have specific questions, check out the Six Colors FAQ and see if it answers yours! It's a great read.

Source: Apple; via Six Colors