The brand new Apple Watch announced at the iPhone 6 event today will include a heart rate monitor on the rear of the watch's face. Using both visible and infrared light through sapphire lenses to figure out your heart rate, and thanks to connectivity with your iPhone, you can get GPS tracking packed in there too. The Apple Watch will happily give you rewards for meeting fitness goals, and keep estimate your daily calorie burn.

The whole system is designed to help people across all types of fitness levels, and measures brisk activity, and progress through specific workout regimens, your speed and distance, and a session summary once you're done. If you can't settle on a workout regimen, the Apple Watch can help you figure out realistic and attainable goals. All of that data is stored in the iOS 8 Health app and can deliver data to other apps and services.

The bands being offered will be sweat and chemical resistant, and the speaker is water resistant, so it should be able to handle your more arduous workout. An iPhone will be required to make use of everything on here, but between the Crown hardware dial on the side and the gorgeous design choices, we're really looking forward to this.