In the video above, Apple says that the Sport version is made up of a new alloy that is 60 percent stronger than standard aluminum alloys, yet just as light.

For the Apple Watch Steel version, Apple says that it has chosen a particular alloy of steel that is "known for its strength and corrosion resistance." It then takes the watch through a series of processing steps and a special forging process that makes the watch 80 percent harder.

Finally, Apple says that the highest-end Edition model of the Apple Watch uses 18 karat gold in both yellow and rose varieties along with a "unique" hardening process to make the traditionally soft metal able to stand up to wear and tear. After the body of the watch is crafted, it is then run under special scanners that detect even the most minute defects. A final hand polishing results in what Apple says is a "gold that is elegant yet uncompromisingly durable."

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