Apple has joined the NFC Forum, a group that takes a leading role in promoting the use of NFC, the technology behind Apple Pay. Not only will Apple be a joining the Forum, but they are joining as a sponsor member, which entitles Apple to join the board of directors.

From NFC World:

"The top tier of NFC Forum membership, sponsor membership, entitles an organisation to a seat on the NFC Forum board of directors, the association's governing body," NFC Forum director Paula Hunter says. "We are delighted to welcome Apple to our board of directors as an NFC Forum sponsor member."

The NFC Forum is composed of a number of companies, and works to define the standards for NFC technology, was well as promote its use. Other members of the Forum include Sony, Broadcom, Google, and Nokia. While many of these companies have been building NFC technology into devices for a number of years, Apple is fairly new to it, with its implementation being limited to Apple Pay, at least currently.

This is the second major such forum that Apple has joined this year. Back in June, the company became a Promoter member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which directs development of the Bluetooth standard.

Source: NFC World; Via: 9to5Mac