Today is the big day for soon-to-be iPhone developers, anxiously awaiting for an SDK to drop from the mothership. Before that happens, I'd like to clear up some comflicting reports that are spreading through the ether. As you might have guessed, Apple's distribution portal for native iPhone applications will be iTunes, just as it now for iPod media and games. However, according to my sources that will only apply to commercial (as in BUY NOW) software.

Free and or open source applications won't by tied to the great orifice that is iTunes. Those applications will have a method for loading on iPhone, provided they adhere to Apple's development guidelines and are signed with a special digital signature, ala Symbian, for security purposes.

Now, that is what I've been told by reliable sources. We'll find out in just a few hours whether this is fact or fiction. I'm banking on the former.