iPhone lightning port

Third-party accessory makers for the iPhone and iPad may soon have a new, and welcome, option for their products. A new report claims that Apple will soon allow devices to connect to the Lightning port that previously could only be accessed by Apple's own products.

9to5Mac reports that this development was revealed by Apple last week at its MFi Summit in China. Currently, third-party accessory makers have to provide their own USB-based cable and power supply to charge their accessory to a iOS device. The report says:

Allowing accessory makers to build-in a Lightning port provides a number of benefits, according to manufacturers briefed during Apple's MFi Summit. One of the biggest benefits is to reduce costs for manufacturers and simplify the product experience for users by using Lightning to provide power to both an accessory and the iOS device.

The report says that the new Lightning receptacle and connector will begin shipping to accessory makers in early 2015.

Source: 9to5Mac